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SORS : c'est grave docteur ?

RichSG 07 April 2015 à 11h40

Nival, you clearly have a sound scientific understanding of a lot of the science in the game. I'm sorry you don't like how the science is presented, however our claim that the game is based on real science is correct. We've never claimed that the game an accurate portrayal of how these conditions are diagnosed in real life. This is sci-fi, after all! We had to make changes and simplify things because it is a game, and needs to appeal to everyone. to say the game is based/inspired by real science is NOT the same as saying it is the same as what goes on in hospitals! That would be a very complicated game that many people (apart from you and other doctors) would understand!

I'm sorry you don't like the game or how the science is represented, but let me re-iterate again that our claim that the game is based on real science is accurate. To be clear, it is NOT based on how these diseases are really diagnosed in a hospital, but we never made that claim.

SORS : c'est grave docteur ?

RichSG 06 April 2015 à 21h24

Hi Nival973,

Apologies, I don't speak French so this reply is in English, and I may have misinterpreted your comments (as it was translated by google!). Firstly, I'm sorry you don't like the gameplay, but I understand it's not everyone's type of game.

However - I can 100% guarantee the game is based on real science!! S.O.R.S is a genuine scientific technique - see here:

Also, all the medical information in the game is taken from the NHS (UK health service) website! It is genuine AND accurate!

I will admit that the viewpoint of the player, and the 'look' of the scanning room is not based on fact. It has been imagined to make it more of a game, but also because the SORS technology is still being trialled in hospitals so hasn't been properly designed yet!

If anyone has any more questions, please do get in touch via twitter: @ScienceGamed. We'd love to hear from you!