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Megamagic, un nouveau trailer pour annoncer sa sortie

Waliactico 23 March 2016 à 15h26

Hello all! I'm one of the developers of Megamagic (of course, I'm not french, so I'll answer in english), and I just wanted to point out some clarifications on our KS campaign.

In our case, $20K would not solve any economic problem in our studio (developing costs of the game are MUCH higher), but it would let us extend the developing time 2 or 3 months. In those 3 months we would be able to add more content, and finish polishing all aspects of the game. Of course, we didn't thought we were scamming anyone, we explicitly said in our campaign that the game would be released wether or not the campaign were funded. Unfortunately, it wasn't, so we were forced to release Megamagic next month, forcing us to cut some content that we would love to include, but was not posible with the fundings we had remaining.

So... yes, I can understand why some of you are pissed off with this kind of campaigns that exist just to make some noise and don't need the money, but in our case, we would make good use of that money by pleasing the players, again $20K is a little amount to develop a game the size of Megamagic. Anyway, we apologize to anyone that feel our campaign was not fair, and we hope that you still give Megamagica chance, and that you enjoy our work, in which we put SO MUCH OF OUR LOVE Joyeux

Thanks for reading!