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Good afternoon, I want to bring to your attention our new game - Toroom

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1684080/Toroom/

Toroom is a dungeon crawler roguelike-like top-down shooter, where the protagonist just wants to come back to his room. Clearing multiple rooms full of enemies, going through multiple biomes, getting as much loot as possible to upgrade your character and defeat the bosses in your way.
Inspired by The Binding of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon, Toroom is a game full of replayability potential, where playing multiple times is a part of the game, learning more and more about every weapon and equipment in the game, and enemies attack pattern to give you a better chance next time.
The game makes the replayability unique by having a huge amount of loot for the player with about 114 different items and a procedurally generated world, so every time the player restart and give it another try, it will be an entirely different experience and giving the player an experience of “one more try”, making it entertaining as well as full of content to enjoy.


Golden Nuggets
1. A challenging dungeon crawler game with a high replayability value, where every time you play the game, you learn more about it, making it even further next time.
2. Cute art style in pixel art to really highlight the fantasy and powers that are given throughout the gameplay
3. A lot of content and a procedurally generated world for the player to not get bored and feel like every time it's played, it's a different experience.
4. Good music, environment, and level design for the player to feel immersed in the gameplay